Turn on the Lights

Many neighborhoods on the South side of Pomona (the poorer side) were without street lights. This promoted crime and kept families isolated from one another in their own homes on dark streets. ICON leaders talked with fellow residents in house meeting after house meeting, asking, “What do you want to see changed?” A groundswell of enthusiasm formed around getting street lights for South Pomona. After 2 years of research and discussions with public officials, which culminated in a public action involving 500 people calling the city council to respond, $1.2 M was released for street lights in South Pomona. ICON leaders discovered that money which had been budgeted for street lights had been redirected for 10 years to foliage improvements in the wealthier part of the city.

Accountability Sessions

ICON has sponsored several accountability sessions with public officials. At these events, elected officials hear stories from community members which illustrate their concerns. Public officials are asked respectfully to respond to questions, and to commit to the agenda of ICON for benefiting the lives of people and transforming cities.